Today’s Notes

What we did today:


Natural Resources words (related to the S.S./Science unit we’re about to start). Assignment started today, due Thursday. Spelling test will be on Thursday.

  1. Atlantic
  2. Arctic
  3. Pacific
  4. ocean
  5. population
  6. temperature
  7. climate
  8. resources
  9. plains
  10. region
  11. industry
  12. minerals
  13. mining
  14. fishing
  15. farming
  16. timber


Perimeter of Rectangles, given some sides. Assignment due tomorrow.


Epic books, Prodigy Math/English

Book Fair Preview

Please note that shopping is tomorrow for our class. Students may bring cash or their own personal debit card. If they bring their debit card, they also need to bring a parent note saying they have permission to use the debit card, as well as the maximum they are allowed to spend.

(Ms. Halvorson also has a book fair letter writing contest. Your child can explain.)

Also note:

Hot lunch cutoff is this Wednesday. 

It is for White Spot on Friday, May 26th.

The upcoming weekend is a 4-day weekend for students.

(This Friday is a professional development day, followed by Victoria Day on Monday.)


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