Jan. 10

Day in Review:

  • Library
  • Science – Learned how the structures of the human body are organized: cells form tissues, tissues from organs, organs form systems
  • Silent Reading
  • DPA
  • Math:
    • Added division facts to times tables challenge
    • Shared different strategies for working on yesterday’s division problem
    • Began practicing long division with mini whiteboards
  • Listen to “Front Desk”
  • Laptops: 1. Prodigy 2. Epic 3. Choices
  • Art: work on fireworks picture
  • 3:00 – Boys  Triple Ball AWAY game at Unsworth

Looking Ahead:

  • Tomorrow : Girls Triple Ball  HOME game vs. Kent
  • Tomorrow: Skating permission form and $6 due.
  • Thursday: First skating field trip. Bring skates or $6 to rent. We leave at the beginning of the day.
  • Friday: Black Excellence Day
  • Next Monday: Yukon Dan!!! (Ms. H. will need a few student volunteers to come at 7:15 that day to help Dan set up. If your child has your permission to do this and would like to do so, please send me an email to let me know.)
    • If you’re wondering who on earth Yukon Dan is, here’s his website. I’ve brought him in several times over the years to gold pan, etc. with the Grade 5s and this year the PAC is generously funding this, along with a grant from MineralsEd BC. It’s an A-MA-ZING experience. I’ll take photos and put them on the blog.

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