Jan. 9

Day in Review:

  • Literacy: Made THIEVES bookmarks to remember how to be a thief and quickly find the good stuff in non-fiction texts:
      • Titles
      • Headings
      • Introduction
      • Every first sentence
      • Visuals
      • Ending
      • So what?
  • Spelling Assessment (No studying required. Just a check-in to see if anyone should be bumped up a Spelling group.)
  • Listen to “Front Desk”
  • Math – Solving a real life division problem using any strategy. Volunteers will share their process to the class tomorrow.
  • P.E. with Mrs. Cavanagh
  • Intermediate Assembly: Super Reader
  • Art: Fireworks picture

Looking Ahead:

  • Tuesday: Boys Triple Ball AWAY game vs. Unsworth
  • Wednesday: Girls Triple BallĀ  HOME game vs. Kent
  • Wednesday: Skating permission form and $6 due.
  • Thursday: First skating field trip. Bring skates or $6 to rent. We leave at the beginning of the day.
  • Friday: Black Excellence Day


  • Next Monday: Yukon Dan!!!

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