Jan. 4

Day in Review:

  • Literacy: Classification of non-fiction texts (explanatory, descriptive, persuasive, instructional, nonfiction narrative, instructional)
  • Social Studies: began the Canada map below (need to label capitals and accurately colour each province/territory a different colour, including islands)
  • Silent Reading
  • DPA
  • Math: Division review (3 worksheets below)
  • P.E. with Mrs. Penner
  • Read Aloud – “Front Desk”

Ice skating field trips permission form sent home (email will be sent today with more info).

3:00 – Girls Triple Ball away game at Stito:s

Much-A-Lunch ordering is now open.

Looking Ahead:

  • Math from today is due tomorrow.
  • Read at least 20 minutes tonight.
  • Super Reader 100 nights due tomorrow.


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