Notes from today

What we did today:

  • Library
  • Students planned the “fall write” that they will do tomorrow. (Ask your child to tell you their opinions about zoos, whether they think they are good or bad. That’s what we discussed today in preparation for writing about it tomorrow.) We looked at this video as part of our discussion:


  • Silent Reading
  • DPA
  • Math: Talked about how everyone is a Math Person!!!Practiced using times tables charts (to use as needed).

  • We watched this mindfulness video. (We’ll do a variety of mindfulness activities in this class.)

  • Science experiment (If you have an eyedropper/syringe, get your child to show you something cool they discovered this afternoon!)

Due dates:

  • Optional if you have: bring any magazines, stickers or photos that are okay to cut up to decorate writer’s notebook – TOMORROW
  • Meet the Staff BBQ order – DUE TOMORROW
  • Parent questionnaire – ASAP
  • Green Student verification form – ASAP
  • $45 (cash or cheque) due for school supplies – DUE FRI.
  • Coupon book orders – DUE THURS OCT 6.

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