Today we did:

  • Poetry planning: printed out a picture for our concrete poem
  • Science: Worked on Rocks & Minerals PowerPoint. (Feel free to work on it at home if you’d like to. Just sign into Office 365 and you’ll find it there.)
  • Silent Reading
  • DPA
  • Math – Clocks Quiz (Free clock lessons tomorrow!)
  • Math – Discussed Roman Numerals
  • Reading Assessment: ACT Part Two
  • Created posters to advertise Sardis Elem. carnival


  • No Spelling this week.
  • Please bring back buddies field trip form and fee. It is late!
  • Tuesday Night: Ask your parents if you can sign up for a shift tomorrow to help with the school carnival on Thursday, June 2nd. Shifts will be for about 1 hour in between 4:00 – 8:00. The carnival itself is from 5:00-7:00.
  • Thursday is Yukon Dan!
  • Friday is 11:30 early dismissal.


Today we did. . .

  • Began school wide write (opinion on zoos); will finish this tomorrow
  • Library
  • Silent Reading
  • Played Capture the Flag outside with Mrs. Dow’s class
  • Math: Times table challenge; Began shopping booklet
  • Practiced “Lion King’ on Ukulele
  • Poetry: concrete poems, with Mr. Hunt

(See previous post for other items of notes for this week.)



Today we did:

  • P.E.
  • Planned school-wide write on topic learned about: Zoos/Aquariums – Do you support them? Pros/cons
  • Read Aloud: “Refugee”
  • DPA
  • Math: Times table challenge; finished money booklet (Due tomorrow.)
  • Silent Reading
  • S.S./Science – Rocks: Finished rock cycle booklet


Sent home today:

  • Buddies field trip permission form (due back on Thursday with $2.50).

This week:

  • Tuesday: Math money booklet due.
  • Buddies field trip form and $2.50 are due on Thursday.
  • Thursday is Jeans Day to support BC Children’s Hospital. Please bring a loonie or toonie anytime up until Thursday and if you’d like to, wear jeans on Thursday as well.
  • Fri = No school (Pro-D). As well, Monday is no school for Victoria Day.
  • Friday is the last day to bring your beverage containers to the bottle depot to support the Grade 5 year end celebration. If you have any returns at home, it would be so appreciated if you could bring them to the depot by Friday. Thanks!

Classroom Notes

Our day today:

  • Finished compliments page.
  • Health: Learned about importance of water, and amount of sugar in a variety of beverages.
  • Library
  • Silent Reading
  • DPA
  • Math: 1. Times table Challenge  2. Corrections on Adding Decimals Assignment
  • Read Aloud: “Refugee”/Drawing
  • Literacy: Poetry with Mr. Hunt and Ms. H.

Going home today:

  1. Book orders – due next Wed.
  2. Yearbook order forms – due next Fri. along with $20 payment
  3. if you didn’t get the bag yesterday: “Chores for Change” – also due next Fri.

Rest of the week:

TOMORROW (Wed 4th):

  • class/team photos
  • 3:45 – cross country run at Cultus

THURS 5th:

  • Swimming field trip
    • Bring swimsuit, towel and a toonie for lockers. Vending machines are off limits. We leave shortly after attendance.
  • “May the 4th Be With You” day –   Spirit Day (not on the 4th since we have class photos).


  • Spelling Week 6 due (and spelling test)
  • Hot Lunch: Subway
  • 2:45 – rugby home game vs Tyson

Classroom Notes

Today we did. . .

P.E. – lacrosse lesson by a coach from B.C. Lacrosse

Art – worked on directed drawing assignment

Spelling – “Week 6” (see word lists below)


Math – Adding Decimals: Practice adding numbers like 47.3 + 512.12

Silent Reading

“Compliments Page”

Teacher Read Aloud: “Refugee” by Alan Gratz


This week. .  .


  • Adding decimals worksheet due (both sides)
  • Swim permission form + $9 due


  • class/team photos
  • 3:45 – cross country run at Cultus


  • Swimming field trip (Bring swimsuit and towel. We leave shortly after attendance.)


  • Spelling Week 6 due (and spelling test)
  • Hot Lunch: Subway
  • 2:45 – rugby home game vs Tyson

French quiz tomorrow

Know these well enough to match the English with the French.

It’s beautiful out.: IL FAIT BEAU.

It’s hot out.: IL FAIT CHAUD.

It’s snowing: IL NEIGE.

The weather is wonderful (marvellous).: IL FAIT UN TEMPS MERVEILLEUX.

It’s windy : IL Y A DU VENT.

The weather is bad.: IL FAIT MAUVAIS.

It’s cold out.: IL FAIT FROID.

Its’ raining.: IL PLEUT.

It’s pouring: IL PLEUT À VERSE.

It’s sunny.: IL Y A DU SOLEIL.